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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  November 26, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PST

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shootings are significantly down this year. murders are significantly down this year. there's signs of progress but stuff like this shows we still have work to do. >> reporter: seven men recovering this morning after a shooting in oakland. the gunman still on the loose and police have no motive. she's a young lady that's still got a whole lot of life left in here. >> all to save a perfect stranger at sunday's raiders' game. using his body as a human shield he broke the fall of a lady after she jumped and fell nearly 50 feet. even though you're going from say florida to california and the weather's fine in both places, you may be suffering big time delays. >> it's one of biggest travel weeks of the year but getting o your destination may not be easy. where weather is causing some pretty major problems on the roads and in the skies from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter
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on kpix 5 news this morning. good morning everyone, it is tuesday, november 26th. i'm frank mallicoat. >> and i'm michelle griego. time now is 6:01. let's get a check on the traffic with liz. >> okay. thanks guys and we have a new issue it sounds like over at the bay bridge. just past the metering lights there's an accident. it sounds like a smaller fender- bender at this point but they may have actually just activated the metering lights and seeing that filling in in the middle lanes, i'll check here in just a minute. in the meantime we were doing so well and it was almost holiday light because of thanksgiving obviously just around the corner. so the delays are just beginning to build coming into san francisco. westbound 580 starting to see the usual delays now out of tracy. especially out towards vasoco and then the speed sensors improve out towards the dublin interchange. over all looking good as you head out towards the castro valley wide. ace train number one still about 40 minutes behind schedule. once again signal issues holding trains up. train number three is on time.
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we just called. that's your latest kcbs traffic. for your weather now here's lawrence. a high cloud deck across the skies now. otherwise not a bad start to the morning. quiet so far. the temperatures not as cold although getting chilly in some of the interior valleys looking out over the bay right now. some of the high clouds moving overhead and otherwise a chilly 39 degrees in concord. 35 in santa rosa. 44 san jose and 51 degrees in san francisco. i think as we head toward the afternoon, we'll see a mix of sunshine and a few clouds today. temperatures may be slight by above the average but fairly mild. 65 degrees in san jose. 62 degrees in san francisco. and about 64-degrees in santa rosa. a major storm system headed towards the eastern seaboard. you've got amex of some rain to the south end here and on the backside cold enough that we're seeing a lot of rain and freezing rain and even some snow up to our north. this whole system is going to be sliding along the eastern seaboard. so folks right now no delays out of sfo a clear start to the
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day but if you're headed across the country. no delays yet. that's going to change though. rain in atlanta and sunny in denver and some snow possibly into parts of new york. it is going to be a messy travel day in the next couple of days here. let's get more on that from cate caugurian. she is at the airport right now. cate? >> reporter: lawrence a nightmare for holiday travel because not only is it the busiest holiday or busiest travel season of the year, but we're coupling that with that nasty weather that you just mentioned that could stand in the way between you and your turkey. the storm is moving east dropping snow and rain and holiday travelers are getting worried. >> it's going to be a very interesting week. >> reporter: according to aaa more than 43 million people will travel this thanksgiving. bad weather already canceled hundreds of flights in the southwest. forecasters say air travel will be tricky along the east coast over the next few days. cbs news travel editor peter greenberg says people flying need to try to leave early.
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>> they're calling them on the phone saying if you leave today, not tomorrow, we'll give you a $350 bonus just -- $50 bonus. just get out now because it's going to be bad. >> reporter: most people will drive. cities like pittsburgh are prepping the streets ahead of the storm. some are hitting the rails. >> the railroad is more immune to some of the weather conditions that can make driving or flying a hassle. >> reporter: forecasters say conditions will improve just in time for an easier trip back home. now bay area travelers if you're making your way through major cities like new york, boston, dc or philadelphia, you may need to brace yourself because forecasters there are expecting some major delays. reporting live at sfo, cate caugurian, kpix 5. >> all three of the bay yarrows major airports expect -- area's major airports expect more travelers this thanksgiving weekend compared to last year. mineta predicts 5% more passengers will fly out of san
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jose. gunfire in east oakland puts seven men in the hospital. the shooter sprayed bullets in the area around 96th avenue and olive around 6:00 last night. two of the seven victims are reported in critical condition. a woman in the area says she might have been shot if she hadn't ducked when she heard the shooting. >> i turned and run back in the store. when they did that i heard gunshots and i hit the ground. and the bullet went straight through my ponytail. >> right through your hair? >> yeah. >> shootings are significantly down the year. murders are significantly down this year. so there's signs of progress but obviously stuff like this shows we still have work to do. >> oakland police are asking for help in solving this case. there's no word on suspects or a possible motive. balloons and candles mark the intersection where a 3-year- old boy was hit and killed. this is a live picture of the memorial at oak and vine streets in san jose. elijah alvitre was hit by a car
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sunday afternoon in a crosswalk. two other people were also hit. they suffer minor injuries. san jose police are now investigating and say drugs and alcohol do not appear to be a factor. no charges have been filed. fremont's john f. kennedy high school will hold a memorial for beloved coach john webb tonight. the 76-year-old died early sad morning on interstate 680. webb was trying to direct traffic after a crash when he was struck by another car. he coached football at the high school for over 40 years and was considered an institution there. tonight's memorial will be held on campus at 6:00. a vietnam war veteran is recovering from injuries after breaking the fall of a woman who jumped from the upper deck of the coliseum in oakland. >> and as andria borba reports, donnie navidad says he's no hero. >> reporter: the on field drama at o dot cosunday paled in comparison to what happened in the stands 15 minutes after the raiders and titans game . from
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the top of section 301 a woman threatening to jump. >> i even yelled up to her not to do it. >> reporter: then in the split second it takes to make a decision, she jumped and fell 50 feet. 61-year-old vietnam vet donnie navidad tried to catch her and stop her if plummeting to a den from -- her from plummeting to a certain death. >> i'm concerned for her. she's a young lady were but the force of the victim falling simply too much. what i tried to do is grab her so she wouldn't bounce. my co-workers said that she had bounced maybe six yards from me. >> reporter: covered in bruises most typically seen after a prize fight, donnie says he didn't want anyone to see the woman die. and it was marine instincts that kicked in to use his body as a human shield to break her fall. his wife laura says she thinks she's a hero. a -- he's a hero.
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a young lady lived because he put himself in harm's way. >> he could have died and i told him i said you know when you get better i'm going to slap you. you could have died. >> reporter: andria borba, kpix 5. >> willie brown visited navidad yesterday. the woman remains in the hospital wrote she's being treated now for critical injuries. president obama down in southern california right now. it follows some stops right here in san francisco where the reception was not entirely warm. >> what i'd like to do -- [ people chanting ] how about -- these guys don't need to go. >> an immigration activist heckled rather the president during his speech yesterday. 22-year-old ju hong is a recent uc berkeley graduate is an undocumented immigrant from south korea. he told kpix 5 why he confronted the president. >> i cannot celebrate
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thanksgiving week with my family members because of my immigration status. i told him please, use your executive authority to halt deportation for all undocumented immigrant family members across the country. >> hong did in the consider it rude to interrupt the president's speech. well, the president's stops today include -- where he's expected to promote his economic policies and also going to attend a fundraiser at the l. a. home of marta kaufman creator of the tv series "friends." the naacp is pushing for upgraded charges against four san jose state university students accused of hate crimes. the white assistants are accused of -- students are accused of bolting a u shaped bike lock around their african- american roommate's neck. and that's not all. >> suspension of those students
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must be converted into expulsion. >> students marched yesterday to protest what they call an uncomfort -b8 climate for african-american students on campus. sjsu president mo cay owe pee takes full responsible and promises -- responsibility and promises change. in an effort to prevent city college of san francisco to lose accreditation. it calls for a delay on a decision by the accrediting commission. the city of san francisco has filed a civil suit against the commission alleging conflict of interest and politically motivated retaliation. a lieutenant governor gavin newsom focusing in on community colleges and the state university system. he commissioned report on the schools that will be released later today. part of the report says the percentage of young it adults earn -- adults earning degrees in california is below the northerly average. he -- national average. he wants more collaboration between the schools and businesses. also happening today, a trial date expected to be set
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for this man. randy alana. he is suspected in the august murder of sandra coke a federal public defender investigator from oakland. police say 56-year-old alana had coke's phone. credit card and car after she was reports inning many -- missing in august. her body was found in vacaville several days later. alana is due in the courtroom at 9:00 this morning in alameda county. it is 6:11. coming up tragedy has struck the animated world. fans of the hit show "family guy" cannot believe the death of a major character. how loyal watchers are protesting the big plot twist. >> free parking in san francisco is already hard to find. why having a car in the city could get even more expensive. >> high clouds moving across the skies now. could we actually see some rain on thanksgiving? we'll talk about it coming up. >> and after an early morning fender-bender just past the pay gates we now have the metering lights they are officially on. how bad are the delays getting into san francisco? we'll let you know coming up
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but first what drives you crazy during the commute? and a question or share a grip by e-mailing -- or tweet me find me on twitter @ewengerkpix and watch right here to see if your question gets answered on air. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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mad. the creators killed a shocking plot has left fans of the "family guy" confused and some even mad. they killed off brian the family dog was hit by a car in sunday night's episode. and viewers are not happy about it. there's already a petition on urging fox to bring brian back and so far, the show's creators have not responded. >> little graphic too. >> he may come back though
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right? "family guy" is trending on twit they are morning because of it -- twitter this morning because of it. also trending brittany murphy. the actress' mother says that claims that her daughter was poisoned was a publicity stunt. bound 2 james franco and seth rogen create the "bound 2" video. and thanksgiving of course just two days away from the holiday. remember on twitter @cbssf. a winter storm making a mess of the holiday travel this week, which airline is most likely to get to your destination on time? michelle? >> hawaiian airlines? >> it's right there in the prompter, that would be hawaiians airlines. according to a new list from "forbes" magazine, only 7% of its flights were late over the last three years during the holidays. at the bottom of the list jet blue. all airlines 22% late. there we go. drivers can expect to see an increased police presence
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along the coast this holiday. it's an effort called arrive alive on i-5. the california highway patrol will join police from morgan and washington all in a multistate crackdown on aggressive drivers on interstate 5. troopers will look for speeders. the goal of the crackdown is to have zero fatalities over the holidays. happening today supervisors take on the parking meeter issue again today. they want to replace 25,000 meters with new ones. the agency would like to buy 10,000 more. some supervisors are afraid the additional meters will replace free parking. last year the city collected more than $53 million from parking meters the highest in a decade. you're in trouble when you have to shove your credit card in there. >> it's very true. >> for a nickel you get like one minute. >> who has quarters around anymore right? >> i know. i have officially contributed to that $53 million that went to the city unfortunately. all right out live towards the bay bridge.
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that fender-bender we've been reporting past the pay gates is now cleared to the right hand shoulder. unfortunately the fast track lanes are the worst right now. because they pushed on the metering lights shortly thereafter. it was looking like light traffic for a while. the middle lanes are backing up to the over crossings. b.a.r.t. system wide on time. it's ace train that are giving us the trouble this morning. ace train number one about 40 minutes behind schedule. more signal everyones this morning and number three though is on schedule. westbound 580 the biggest delays right now coming off o the 205 continuing to vasco road. that's where we see the spread sensors and those are speeds below 258 miles per hour. continuing out to the dublin interchange. not too bad. maybe just a little sluggish. as you head towards the dublin interchange but you can see the headlights there making their way towards the wide. all lanes now back open in the south bay that connector ramp is now free and clear which is good news. northbound 85 to northbound 87 we have that crash. no longer seeing any delays
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there. heading towards sfo, nice ride all the way down 101 towards san bruno. that's your latest kcbs traffic. for the forecast now here's lawrence. a lot of high clouds now moving across the coys, we're in for some changes the next few days and maybe cutoff low coming our way towards thanksgiving. but out the door this morning we've got a couple of clouds early on. by this afternoon, a mix of sunshine and a few clouds with some mild temperatures maybe slightly cooler than yesterday. and then changes as we head in toward thanksgiving. high pressure now just beginning to get kicked eastward by a couple of weak systems. this one right here the first one that's bringing us some shy clouds outside. and then this one behind it going to become that cutoff low swinging towards the coastline into thanksgiving. but for today sin and clouds. -- sun and clouds. temperatures mother seasonal outside going to be very mild. 67 degrees in fresno and 63 in sacramento and about 53 degrees in toward lake tahoe. computer model paints the clouds early on and throughout
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the day today a mix of sun and clouds and even tomorrow more of the same. more clouds continuing to move across the skies but then things change on thanksgiving. the cutoff low going to spin off toward the coastline. close enough the moisture may bring she's a chance soft the scattered showers. so things staying unsettled as we head in toward thanksgiving day. temperatures expected for today under a mix of sun and clouds mainly in the 60s outside. i think as we look out towards the next couple of days we are going to see some decent weather some mild temperatures in the afternoon. but on thanksgiving, there's a slight chance we could see some scattered showers that will look like things are going to start to settle down over the weekend. a lot of the sunshine and temperatures going to be very mild. by the way, sunrise time today 7:02. sunset at 4:52 in the evening. but yet a cutoff low could make thing interesting on thanksgiving day. of course we will be here live on channel 5. >> you will. >> some will. some of us will be here. >> nice to see i'll be here. >> i'll see you then frank. >> i'm sorry. i get the day off.
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>> turkey? i'll be -- sleeping in. thank you. >> good for you. okay, it's 6:20 folks, a one handed slam dunk lands this player on the scoreboard. and on the sidelines too. the syracuse player got a little bloody playing in maui coming up. >> and i'm dennis o'donnell coming up the warriors will be without another starter when they begin their four game road trip. and it may take congress a while tosoever problems but -- solve problems but the 49ers only needed 60 minutes to fedex their offense in -- fix their offense in dc. that's coming up. >> you can e-mail your nomination to us at cool we may come and feature your school right here on the show. ,,,,
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good morning everybody, after two straight losses, and some questionable play by colin kaepernick, the 9ers web into -- 49ers went into dc and looking like a national treasure once again. rg3's sophomore slump continued thanks to a dominating performance by the 49ers' defense. meanwhile, colin kaepernick hit boldin for the first of three touchdown passes two of them to that man. 49ers beat the redskins 27-6 to improve 7-4. the full monty and the bears remain unbeaten after beating arkansas 85-77 in the opening round of the maui invitational. they will now face syracuse today. which will be a very big test. johnny day kins and the cardinal in brooklyn stanford scores 54 points in the second half to beat houston 86-76 and improve to 5-1. and andrew bogut has been suspended one game after he
6:26 am
threw an elbow saturday night. mo williams was also suspensed for a game. and kobe bryant must be having pretty impressive practices, the lakers signed kobe bryant to a new two year, $48 million contract. bryant is expected to return from his achilles injury in december. and important victory for the 49ers guys. because not just from a playoff perspective, but they needed to silence the critics, silence the doubters and they did that. we'll have more postgame reaction tonight from washington, d.c. in our 6:00 news. have a great day everybody. thank you dennis. play of day coming out of the maui invitational. syracuse taking on minnesota. for the one handed slam and he gets it and check out the nasty gash under his eye. it is not a pretty sight there. take another look at syracuse player gets happened in the kisser -- whacked in the kisser, right in the face and didn't even get the foul call. he did get the budget and sir rashard lewis won the came --
6:27 am
circus won the game and they will play cal in the semifines coming up next. 6:26 right now. love is in the air. one theory explaining why more couples tied the knot this summer. >> even by oakland standards, this is bad. seven people shot at a barbecue overnight. we've got a live report coming up. ,,,,,,,,
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♪ it's a big battle between the girls and the boys, what has the beastie boys calling foul over one viral video using their song to take on
6:31 am
genderrier to types. the criticism and the applause from around the world. plenty of clouds now streaming across the skies, we will talk about that and the changes for the holiday coming up. and we do have some new problems now coming into downtown oakland. the nimitz freeway northbound approaching the broadway exit. we'll tell you what's going on that's coming up. and good morning everyone, it's tuesday november 26th. i'm frank mallicoat. >> and i'm michelle griego. time now is 6:31. seven men were rushed to east bay hospitals after gunfire in an oakland neighborhood. two of them were critically hurt. kpix 5's kiet do has an update on the shooting investigation from eden medical center in castro valley where some of the victims were taken. kiet? >> reporter: yeah, witnesses describe quite a gruesome scene. there were victims that had collapsed on the sidewalk. the police chief said this was
6:32 am
a brazen and outrageous shooting. it was 6:00. dinner time at 96th avenue and olive street inest eke land. a bash die -- east oakland. a barbecue was underway. a bystander named isabel hit the ground at the first shot. >> tried to run back in the store when they did that i heard the gunshots and i hit the ground and the bullet went straight through my ponytail. >> right through your hair? >> yeah. >> reporter: the motive is unclear. seven people were injured all between the ages of 23 and 31. it's not clear if the men knew each other or were specifically targeted. even the interim police chief came out to see for himself. five out of the six police crime units have been assigned to oakland and he says crime for the most part is down. >> shootings are significantry down this year. murders are significant dillon this year. so there's signs of progress, but obviously stuff like this shows we still have work to do. >> reporter: and so of the seven victims, two of them are
6:33 am
in critical condition. the other five are expected to survive their injuries. we're life in castro valley, kiet do, kpix 5. >> if you have any tips or information oakland police want you to give them a call. new this morning, more californians tied the knot in july than any other month in several years. the big reason? same sex marriage. according to the california department of public health, 38,000 couples married in the month of july. that's up 35% from july of 2012. 29,000 couples married? june of stage when gay mergesser -- 2008 when gay merges were first allowed in -- marriages were first allowed in 2008. it's the youtube video that millions of watched in a week. >> now the oakland based start- up is dealing with more than just internet fame and may be headed to court. >> and kpix 5's reporter betty yu on the battle between bay area girls and the beastie boys. ♪ >> reporter: it's the charming youtube video that sells girl power and toys for future
6:34 am
engineers. the video takes on gender stereotypes, the company is now taking on its first real opponent. which happens to be boys. the beastie boys. ♪ oakland based start-up goldie blox rewrote the iconic 1986 song "girls" changing lyrics. today the beastie boys responded in an open letter to the toy company stating -- >> reporter: goldie blox filed a preemptive lawsuit against the boys. the complaint states that because the lyrics poke fun at the original song it's a parody making it fair use. >> i think it is ultimately unlikely to be considered a fair use. >> reporter: copyright law expert says the court may not rule in goldie blox's favor because the video is an ad.
6:35 am
>> the court's going to look and say, this is something that where they could have gotten aligns from the copyright -- a license from the copyright owner to use the music and/or to use it with altered lyrics in order the make their point. >> reporter: betty yu, kpix 5. >> the beastie boys letter also states that they made a conscious decision not to use their music to sell products. >> also reached out to gold key approximate, they were not available for comment. another check on the weather. >> some changes are coming our way. it looks like the high clouds beginning to move into the skies now and looks like the next couple of days maybe even a couple of showers coming in our direction. we'll have to wait and see. out the door we go over sfo and no delays reported there but across the country major snarl in the air travel the next couple of days as a big time storm rolling in along the eastern seaboard. boy what a neat sunrise this morning. just going to see some great color in the next 15 minutes or so with the clouds moving in overhead. a buff start to the day.
6:36 am
the -- beautiful start to the day. the temperatures not as cold and still chilly in spots. 40s elsewhere and by this afternoon we are going to see a mix orphean and clouds and the temperatures -- of sun and clouds and the temperatures general little up into the 60s. should be a pretty comfortable day ahead. now the traffic now with elizabeth. the delays continue towards downtown oakland northbound. it's approaching the broadway exit. there's a stalled car and it sounds like there's another car behind it pregnanting it. -- protecting it. anyway a few taps of the brakes now heading northbound. southbound traffic though looks good. here's a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. and some of the gorgeous views that lawrence was talking about it a beautiful sunrise the morning. unfortunately you're also going to be stuck in a traffic backup. the metering lights have turned on right around 6:00. it cleared an early morning fendser bender past the pay gates and now backed up to the overcrossings and at least the 880 overcrossing right now and the fast track lanes are actually the busiest. westbound 580 probably the worst drive time right now out
6:37 am
of tracy and continuing out towards at least isabel. that is your latest kcbs traffic. back to you guys. all right thank you. five members of the san francisco fire department could be suspended after an accident that happened in june. the chronicle reports two assistant chiefs and three other for thes are face -- firefighters are facing possible suspension. the five were involved when a firefighter suspected of being drunk hit a motorcyclist with a ladder truck and left the scene. that firefighter has resigned. california's bullet train is going nowhere fast. the sacramento judge is blocking the sale of bonds needed to build the high speed rail system. the judge also rejected the rail authority's funding plan putting the project in limbo. and this is not what you want to see on a ferry. the harbor pin teases broke down and crashed into pier 43 in san francisco about noon yesterday. witnesses saw passengers putting on the emergency vests just in case. but there were no major injuries. it's 6:36 now. from israel to saudi arabia countries around the world are
6:38 am
criticizing the iran nuclear deal but many world leaders are also applauding the agreement. it restricts iranian's uraniumen richment for sick honests, in return some economic sanctions will be lifted but many say iran still can't be trusted. >> they have lied. they have cheated. they have deceived for years and years. >> we cannot rule out peaceful solutions to the world's problems. we cannot commit ourselves to an endless cycle of conflict. >> white house's working on the next rounds of talks which would end not just curb iran's entire nuclear program. coming up it's supposed to be a simple way to tell if you're at risk for a deadly disease but now the feds are cracking down. the serious concerns about the $99 dna test coming up. >> buyer beware, how much more
6:39 am
you could wind up paying if you used google the shop. >> also update yesterday but just a -- an update yesterday but just a few points. jason brooks will crunch the numbers and much more when we come back. ,,,,,,,,
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g a do-it- yourself the fda is demanding a mountain view company stop selling a do it yourself dna test. the $99 kit from 23 and me allows you to spit in a tube and mail it back so they can check everything for a risk of disease to your ancestry. the fda accused them of violating federal law by failing to prove its dna tests are safe and effective. it's three day until black friday. and we have some shopping information you might need when you go online. if you do a google search for a
6:43 am
product the top results are likely to be paid ads. even listings outside the yellow advertisement box are for companies that paid google to get the top spots. >> i would say just not to trust those sort of those product panel images. they're not necessarily lowest price. there's a filter that says price low to high. which is you should probably select if you're looking for the lowest price. >> google says price isn't the only factor when deciding whether to showcase. it also considers things like free shipping and retailer preferences. well, keeps getting more expensive to buy a house. >> that it does and the latest numbers for the bay area are just in and we're going to chat about it next with jason brooks coming up next with more on that. >> good morning frank and michelle. awfully tough for first time home buyers in the bay area. prices continue to skyrocket especially year over year. the latest s&p case shiller report out on the top 20 markets in the country shows that in a month to month basis into september the bay area up .8% and from a year ago, higher
6:44 am
by 25.7%. second biggest gain only to las vegas. the overall averages not quite as big across the u.s. up .7% from the month before. 13.3% on the year over year basis. also reporting that home builders applied for permits on apartment construction up by 15.3% in october. and overall up 6.2% when factoring in single family home permits also that's the biggest gain in well over five years. but a turning of the table in the retail business. earlier this month men's warehouse turned down an offer from joseph a. bank to buy the company. now men's wearhouse wants to buy them. stocks shooting higher and shareholders like the results. let's look at the big board right now after a mixed finish yesterday. the dow today up 24 points nearly going nasdaq up by 2 trying to go for 4,000 again.
6:45 am
the s&p higher by over 1 point. michelle and frank back to you. >> keeps going up. okay jason brooks thanks. 6:45 right now. a check on the traffic with liz. >> and we will start you off at a live look at the sensors in the south bay. there's little bit of slowing coming up the guadalupe parkway but nothing unusual for this time of the morning. again that's northbound 87 and a little slow and go as well 101 coming into san jose. right around capital expressway. out towards mckey. here's a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. the metering lights were turned on 6:00 a.m. on the nose this morning. so now you are stacking up towards the foot of the maze and it looks like the cash and the fast track lanes are both filling in but the far left lanes that's probably your best bet right now. and update now in oakland, northbound 880 by broadway we had the one stall and then another car behind it blocking the it's lane. they are working to clear that right now. but in the meantime we are seeing a few delays coming downtown. southbound traffic looks great though. if you're heading towards oakland coliseum and oakland airport. westbound 580 your usual
6:46 am
stiffenerly a half hour right now between the al month pass and 680. but the biggest bottleneck is before you reach vasco road. past that things look okay. out towards the dublin interchange a live look just before 680. a mass transit b.a.r.t. on time that ace train number one has been the problem spot. that was behind schedule trains three and five though nothing reporting there. no delays. that is your latest kcbs traffic. here's lawrence. a lot of high clouds streaming overhead today. some changes in the weather coming up if you're going out the door a little cool in some spots. dropped off into the 30s in some of the valleys, partly cloudy skies this afternoon a mix of sunshine and high clouds and then changes on thanksgiving day. all right, high pressure now beginning to kick a little pit further to the east. there's a weak system that's just helping to move that out of the way and bringing us also some high clouds today. the high pressure going to develop -- low pressure going to develop into a cutoff low. but for today looks like sunshine and a few clouds and temperatures near seasonal maybe just a couple of degrees
6:47 am
above the average. out at sfo no delays being reported there. a nice clear start if you're heading out. 64 degrees this afternoon. across the country though expect the problems to start coming up as a major storm working along the east coast over the next couple of days. rain in atlanta right now. sunshine in denver. houston looking at some rain. and just some showers in new york but expected to be a mixture of rain and snow there. the next couple of days. temperature-wise around the bay area, 66 in san jose. 64 in fremont and 61 expected in pacifica. you'll see a lot of mid 60s in the warmest spots in the east bay and inside the bay today hazy sunshine. 65 degrees. in oakland. 64 in alameda and 62 degrees in sausalito. next couple of days we will keep a lot of clouds in the forecast and then thursday that low moves close enough to bring with it at least a slight chance of showers, looks like by friday we dry things out and warmer weather and dry conditions for the weekend. back to you guys. smart phones computers and cameras are all the usual
6:48 am
suspects. >> cnet editor at large brian cooley has the hottest tech gifts. >> reporter: skip the categories because everyone knows okay smart phones and all that we get it. this is going to be a list of some of the products that are new right now that i think are going to really delight people who love tech on your list. and of course the one that everyone is talking about are the new game consoles. the xbox 1 and the playstation 4. much more of a living room media device now. and not just about gaming. yes they're amazing gaming consoles but just don't think of these as the gift for the gamer now. they now bring in live tv. they play blu-ray and have the ability to stream like a netflix or the amazon or those services that we call over the top video. so this is a gift for the whole family now which it really wasn't until this generation. $399 or $499 the xbox costs more but be carful on back card -- careful an backward compatibility if you're getting the sony. >> they don't play them.
6:49 am
>> there are a couple of got yous on both of these. the fitness wearables and things like the fit bit force which is the current favorite. these are you know say $130 for the fit bit force. this is for the person who wants to lose a little weight. sleep a little better just feel a little better. not for the triathlete anymore which it used to be. and you can see it's gotten a little wider there on the right. it's also a watch and it will replace the watch you've got. and it tells time oh, yeah. this is a very cool category and it pairs with the iphone or galaxy phone but check that out. not pair with every other model of phone out there. let's talk it's now and -- televisions now. i'm going to get some amazing new technology. if you went to the houses of the cnet tv reviewers out in our new york lab, you would find they all have plasmas. >> okay. why? >> they have the old school tech. it's still the best. >> still the best. >> still looks the best. >> the best color, the best black level which is make the colors look really good and a great value. we have -- the tv called the sony -- the panasonic st 60
6:50 am
series a 55-inch is $1,250. so good price for the amount of real estate. and stunning stunning picture. they aren't as thin as l. e. t. tvs that are out there. plasma is not your pick if you want the thin one. you're not going to walk around the side looking at it. >> you have a plasma. >> i have some old lcds. i buy on value. >> i love the guys at best buy, people are looking -- >> they want the side now. >> last one real quick. tablets, there's high mid and low here. in fact the three areas, if you want the best tablet it's the new ipad air and they start at $500 though. they're so outstanding. the kindle fire hdx 8 .9. for a 7-inch the google nexus 7 down to $220. >> we've got all the notes. >> black friday. >> a full blog post up on the website that has the links to all the products. >> welcome back it's been a couple of days! we missed you too. remember you can find more of brian cooley's tech watch
6:51 am
segments on our website, and we need to get busy shopping. >> thank you brian. >> goodness. all right, time now for a look at what's coming up later on "cbs this morning." >> gayle king i'm sure has been listening and we'll be sending stuff your way very short lyogel. good morning. >> i have been listening. and sending stuff my way i wear a size 10 or a size 11 in designer shoes, do that information whichever you choose frank and michelle. >> duly noted. >> i have big feet. and ahead we're in atlanta at the world's busiest airport as the big storm threatens to disrupt holiday travel all around the country. plus, cnet's editor in chief on what will be black friday's top sellers. and what gifts you should actually hold off on buying in order to get a much better deal down to road. only on "cbs this morning" i love saying this more than anything. only only "cbs this morning" -- a rare tour of the castle's private ranch in san similaron. the news is back in the morning. we'll see you at 7:00 straight
6:52 am
up. frank and michelle back to you two. >> all right. >> that is neat. all right. we will be watching. have a great day. >> and a good thanksgiving too. >> bye bye. 6:52. more than a half a dozen people shot on a sidewalk in oakland overnight. the investigation happening this morning. >> and we're live at sfo where a wave of nasty weather is threatening to be a nightmare for holiday travelers. we'll tell you where it's going to be the worst in just a few moments. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:53 am
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6:55 am
connecticut is offerin out the shooting, at the 55 a report on the sandy hook school massacre in newtown, connecticut is offering new dell tails about the -- dethe tails about the shooting but not -- details about the shooting but not a it. the report says the -- motive.
6:56 am
the report says the gunman killed 20 students and six educators before he took his own life. doctors who treated lanza for aspergers disorder says he suffered extreme anxiety and lacked empathy and also preoccupied with mass shootings. president obama is defending the deal to dale back iran's nuclear program calling it a peaceful solution. iran agreed to restrict uranium production for six months and in return the u.s. and several nations released some economic sanctions. israeli leaders are criticizing the deal and some members of congress say the agreement is too soft on iran. president obama is in southern california right now. it's the finaldy of his three day -- day of his three day west coast trip. his scheduled stops include dreamworks animation in glendale. he'll also attend a fundraiser at the los angeles home of marta kaufman creator of "friends." and seven men recovering this morning after being shot in oakland overnight. the shooter sprayed bullets offer over 96th avenue and
6:57 am
olive in east oakland about 6:00 last night. the victims always in their 20s and 30s and so far police have no motive and no suspects. and a powerful storm system is threatening to disrupt thanksgiving holiday travel. the storm is packing strong winds and heavy rain and even snow. our cate caugurian joins us live now from the san francisco airport where flight delays could be worse than usual this holiday weekend. and it's all because of that big storm back east, cate? >> reporter: and you combine that be it being the -- with it being the business for the most part travel on receive the yore. forecasters are warning that nasty weather could light up travel boards with major delays. with weather like this, people have a hard enough time getting around they are own neighborhoods. let alone driving more than 50 miles from home. that's what more than 40 million americans are expected to do for thanksgiving this year. through the south and northeast, the main job may be ice -- problem may be osi. not snow -- ice. not snow. the roads might have looked clear in arkansas but drivers quickly learned otherwise in washington county.
6:58 am
>> next thing i know i'm spinning. >> reporter: an arctic air mass brings temperatures down by as much as 20 degrees keeps creteing icy conditions. >> people just don't realize when they cross those bridges, that they've got ice on them and then when they cross it they lose it most of it is just sliding off the road. one was turned upside down on the guardrail over there. >> reporter: another 25 million people are expected tofly. >> we're just leaving early. >> reporter: but others face cancellations even from weather in other states. >> even though you're going from say florida to california and the weather's fine the both places -- in both places, you may be suffering big time delays. the quicker you figure that out, call the airline and see if you can reroute. >> reporter: in the meantime, travelers tried to get out of town as airlines do their best to de-ice their planes and road crews get ready for the worst. airports in the country's biggest metro areas new york, washington, d.c., philadelphia,
6:59 am
and boston could see the worst of those delays. but here in the bay area in terms of traveling, mineta international airport in san jose is projecting a 5% increase in travelers from this time last year. oakland and san francisco are projecting a 2% increase. reporting live at sfo, cate caugurian, kpix 5. all right, we are seeing some high clouds moving across our skies, no rain here just yet but that may change as we head towards thanksgiving. a quiet start to the day though. the temperatures not as cold because of the clouds still chilly in spots. 36 degrees in santa rosa. 39 in concord and 51 degrees in san francisco. this afternoon a mix of sun and clouds and next couple of days could be a little upset ld and wet on thanksgiving -- unsettled and wet on thanksgiving. a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. it is backed up into the maze now. in almost all lanes still the left lanes are the best ones thoughment they've cleared that accident and stall northbound 880 approaching the broadway exit. >> all right, i bet a lot of people get away early tomorrow. >> i think so. >> i think you're right. >> good idea. >> well that's going to do it.
7:00 am
>> have a great day everyone. >> take care. [ captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email: ] ♪ good morning to our viewers in the west. it is tu, november 26th, 2013. welcome to "cbs this morning." if you're traveling, severe weather could disrupt your plans. peter greenberg goes behind the scenes. airlines fight to ge thousands home for the holidays. employees and their current benefits and the affordable care act. sharyl attkisson investigate what is the government knew was coming. and a toy maker picks a fight with the beastie boys over a parody of their hit song "girls." but first today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> my flight got delayed. now we've bumped from two other flights. i wish i could click my heels and be home. >> snow, h


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